About MVM

My name is Brandon and I’m the owner of Mountain Vista Manufacturing. Born in Central Wisconsin, I Graduated from North Central Technical College’s welding certificate program in 2008 and have been a fabricator ever since. 

I started out my career building bus stops In Albuquerque, New Mexico and have worked in at least a dozen shops since.  I’ve spent years welding food grade stainless and X-rayed pipe. I’ve worked with Aluminum, Stainless and carbon steel building Vacuum chambers, Clean room components and various aero space contracts for shops in New Mexico and Colorado.  In Arizona I learned water jet and brake work, building metal boxes and sheet metal parts for Intel and tons of random small business’s in Phoenix and Mesa.  In 2017 I joined Mountain Vista Fabrication and became obsessed with off road parts.  I got the opportunity to design some parts of my own and started learning the software and how to take if from there through all the other processes.  I ran an old plasma table for years and always missed the quality of the hydro or turret punch cut material.  That was until my friend got his first fiber laser and cut some parts for me while the table was down.  It was night and day.  Edges welded better and tabbed parts fit perfectly.  Thanks to the nature of fiber lasers, the cost of the cutting was almost zero. 

We recently moved the shop To Wisconsin and decided to buy our own fiber laser table.  I plan on growing my business building off road parts but also want to help local businesses expand and grow using the new laser technology as much as possible.